At the beginning of the establishment there was no own land and building. At first the classes was started at Hawakhana L.P School premises and shifted to present campus in 1994. The members of the Araimile Socio Economic Development Organization, led by smt. Stella Mary Sangma and Lt. Nipendro N. Sangma has donated the plot of land to the school. Shri Godfrey N. Arengh has also donated the plot of land from his own land to the school in 2005. I am heartfelt thanks to them for their generously donated. Without generously donated by them the school could not reach to such a high level. The infrastructure of the school is inadequate but year to year slowly improved.

The members of the All India Garo Union Regional Unit, Tura under the President ship, Lt. Lambert K. Sangma, Shri Chesterfield Marak General Secretary, AIGU, Tura Region and former Hon’ble Minister, Shri Charmingstar N. Sangma, EAC Shri Micheal Sangma, Shri Andrew Sangma, Shri Grithalson Arengh, Shri Larsen Sangma,Shri Barning Sangma,Smt Presaline SWangma ,Shri Gredalson Ch.Momin and Chuba Sangma was established Garo Union English school, Tura in 1987. The class of Nursery is started under the management of AIGU Regional Unit, Tura on some far rightness and courage of men of visionary by the members of union at Hawakhana L .P School premises. The institution was established venture school to the poor and needy children.